EKOPEL 2K is an innovative coating for bathtub resurfacing. It is a high-viscosity two-component self-leveling polymer coating, which is applied for cast iron and steel bathtub renovation.
EEKOPEL 2K flows on edges, sides and bottom of a bathtub to create new flat and white surface. It’s magic!


  • Just one layer is required
  • Perfect adhesion to steel and cast iron
  • Odourless
  • Extreme gloss
  • Easy to appl
  • Bright white
  • Curing time 24 hours
  • VOC near 0
  • No peels
  • 100% solids
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The set consists of

EKOPEL 2K (components A + B)
User manual
Stir stick
Additional materials
and tools you’ll need
  • Clean brush and a strong cleaner (e.g. Domestos)
  • Masking tape and masking film
  • Sand paper or other grinding tools
  • Tools for disconnecting the bath waste
  • Palette knife
  • Hair-dryer
  • Plastic cups 0,5 ml


Curing time 24 h at 22°C
Pot time 60 min at 22°C
VOC free > 98% odourless
Service life up to 20 years*
Clean method a simple soap solution, soft cleaners
Resurfacing takes 2 hours
Application pouring self-leveling, without a brush, a roller, an airbrush
Consumption 3,2 kg (A+B) per 1 bathtub
Packaging Comp. A - 2,75 kg, Comp. B - 0,45 kg
Colour White
* providing that you follow care recommendations, described here
Brief user manual
  • 1
    Clean the bathtub with a strong cleaner, e.g. Do-mestos
  • 5
    Mix the 2 components of EOPEL carefully
  • 2
    Use a send paper
    to smooth the surface
  • 6
    Apply Ekopel 2k on the bath by pouring
  • 3
    Dry bathtub. You can use hair dryer
  • 7
    Wait for 24 hours before using your bath again
  • 4
    Disconnect the bath waste in case you are using the technique
    that requires it
  • 8
    Use soft organic cleaners to keep the new look of your bathtub for a long time
Application temperature: from +20 ºC to +25 ºC
get pdf manual
.pdf file, 68 kb
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